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Congratulations! You have passed the National and North Carolina State Real Estate Exams and are now a Provisional Agent. Now is the time to enroll in the Real Estate Experience Series for real-life involvement in the professional.  And continue your education by taking the required post-licensing courses, which are designed to provide instruction on topics deemed of special importance beyond the introductory level provided in the pre-licensing course.

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Post-licensing Courses

At Agents' Real Estate Institute, we offer 3 thirty-hour video post-licensing courses that utilize interactive activities for adult learners.  

-  A review of agency relationships in real estate residential and commercial sales and commercial property management transactions,
-  A real estate broker’s legal duties to clients and customers
-  A step-by-step review and discussion of the functions and responsibilities of
-  A real estate broker when working with sellers and buyers
-  A review of issues associated with transactions in progress when a broker leaves a firm
-  A review of selected license status and education issues

Topics covered include

Broker Relationships and Responsibilities 

Post 301 Video course

-  Selected basic contract law concepts
-  Real estate sales contract preparation and sales contract procedures
-  Buyer’s due diligence
-  Closing procedures and disclosure preparation
-  Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
-  Contracts for deed, options
-  Selected real estate license status and education issues.

Topics covered include

Contracts and Closings 

Post 302 Video course

-  General North Carolina licensing requirements
-  Brokerage compensation issues
-  The disciplinary process
-  Specialized types of real estate
-  Property management in North Carolina
-  Miscellaneous North Carolina laws
-  Miscellaneous legal concepts

Topics covered include

 NC Laws, Rules and Legal Concepts

Post 303 Video course


Gain access to our education tools to help you study and prepare including suggested course outlines, test-taking guides, tutorials, and more

interactive study groups

Learn how to avoid procrastination, build strong communication skills, think creatively, and gain a refined understanding of course material alongside your peers.


We offer weekly webinar calls so you can engage with your Instructor and virtually learn alongside the other amazing students in your cohort.

We offer our students much more than an online course in real estate by supporting them throughout their entire education journey – from how to organize and develop healthy study habits to final test-taking strategies.  

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